Information Technology

Information Technology Options

Information Technology students may earn Associate in Applied Science degrees in three core areas (Technical Support, Cybersecurity and Networking, and Cybersecurity Coding). Each degree, diploma, and certificate in Information Technology is listed here. Students may NOT graduate under the A25590 program with no suffix.

Program Description

The Information Technology (IT) curriculum prepares graduates for employment in the technology sector as designers, testers, support technicians, system administrators, developers, or programmers who use computer software and\or hardware to design, process, implement, and manage information systems in specialties such as database services, security, business intelligence, healthcare informatics, and others depending on the technical path selected within this curriculum.

Coursework includes the development of a student’s ability to create, store, communicate, exchange and use information to solve technical issues related to information support and services, interactive media, network systems, programming and software development, information security and other emerging technologies based on the selected area of study.

Graduates should qualify for employment in entry-level positions with businesses, educational systems, and governmental agencies which rely on computer systems to design and manage information. The program will incorporate the competencies of industry-recognized certification exams.

Admission Criteria

Admission to this program requires that students be high school graduates or have a recognized equivalency.

Program Learning Objectives

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • A25590F Technical Support: Identify methods and technologies to evaluate, troubleshoot, and solve technical problems in an Information Technology system.
  • A25590H Cybersecurity & Networking: Build a simple local area network and secure the network by identifying risks and implementing policies.
  • A25590I Cybersecurity Coding: Build and maintain an Information Technology network and implement cybersecurity strategies to secure the network.

Career Opportunities

Graduates should qualify for employment as:

  • Computer user support specialists
  • Network and Computer Systems Administrators
  • Network Security Specialists
  • Computer Hardware Support and Repair technicians
  • Cybersecurity analysts
  • IT Programmer Analysts
  • Software Testers

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