Campus Life

While academics are of primary importance at the College, learning and development outside the classroom are also critical. For that reason, participation in student organizations is encouraged. Students wishing to join a club should contact the faculty advisor for that club. Names of club advisors can be obtained in Student Services or from Panther Portal. All student organizations must be approved by the administration and the Campus Life Coordinator. Each organization must meet and adhere to the criteria and procedures established by the administration and SGA. The following are active clubs:

Automotive Technology Club –The purposes of the Automotive Technology Club are: (1) to promote professional competency among students who are training to be automotive technicians; (2) to research, coordinate, and provide opportunities for educational field trips to observe and learn about various aspects of the automotive industry; (3) to host guest speakers/instructors from the automotive industry in order to become informed about current trends and new products; and (4) to assist club members in finding industry-related jobs within the local area.

Compositions and Conversations Club – The purpose of the Compositions and Conversations Club is to develop communication and critical thinking skills, cultivate peer relationships with the student body, prompt introspection which will lead to positive contribution to the community and college, and have a better understanding of literature’s impact on society and society’s impact on literature, and observe and appreciate the world around us through literature.

Craven Fitness – The Purpose of Craven Fitness Club is to establish a support system, forge friendships and provide opportunities to network, build lifelong transferable skills related to a person’s overall health, increase knowledge and interest in health, fitness nutrition and mental health, and provide a place for students to meet and interact with a diverse population of people.

Craven CC Hurst Student Ambassadors -The Student Ambassadors are selected to represent the college at various community and student events. Students selected for the scholarship program must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 to be eligible to apply, have recommendations from the faculty and staff, and be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours.

Early Childhood Educators Club – The purpose of the Early Childhood Educators Club is to support students in reaching their higher learning goals, offer student leadership opportunities, provide networking opportunities with other early childhood educators, coordinate volunteer opportunities at the college and community at large, be an advocate for the field of Early Childhood Education, and inspire the next generation of teachers.

ENCORE! - ENCORE! is Craven Community College’s singing ambassadors group that performs at the college and throughout the community.

Gaming Club - The gaming club promotes interest in Magic the Gathering and other social games while also providing members and the community opportunities to play in organized events, including opportunities to teach games to interested parties. The gaming club has Pack-Wars Magic the Gathering tournaments, Magic the Gathering Drafts, Commander Games, Pokémon Tournaments, social gaming days, Dungeons and Dragons Campaigns, and are open to any game students would like to share.

Global Club - The students of the Global Club at Craven Community College will celebrate diversity and cultures both at home and abroad. The purposes of this club are: (1) to share information about cultures; (2) to promote open-mindedness and diversity; (3) to create a more inclusive environment for all students at our institution; and (4) to provide fundraising opportunities for students who wish to participate in a Craven CC Study Abroad Trip in order to further their global understanding across international borders.

H.I.T. Club - The purposes of the Health Information Technology Club are (1) to provide the opportunity for leadership training in service; (2) to promote good fellowship and high scholarship; (3) to practice the application of the highest social, business, and professional standards; (4) to provide a platform enabling student participation in local and state association meetings; and (5) to provide networking opportunities with fellow students, faculty, staff, and community businesses.

Manifest Club – Manifest club promotes academic success and holistic development in minority males at Craven Community College through providing opportunities for fellowship, campus and community networking, and enrichment experiences.

Manufacturing Club – The purpose of the Manufacturing Club is to promote professional competency, provide an opportunity for the club members to serve together productively, and to promote better understanding and cooperation among members of the faculty and students.

National Society of Leadership and Success – NSLS provides a life-changing leadership program that helps students achieve personal growth, career success, and empowers them to have a positive impact in their communities.

Panthers Baseball Club – The Panthers Baseball Club is the official baseball athletic team/club of Craven Community College. All players must be full-time students and meet the eligibility of the National Club Baseball Association (NCBA), which is the governing association in which the club plays. Any eligible student is encouraged to try out for the team at the beginning of each semester.

Physical Therapist Assistant Club - The purposes of the Physical Therapist Club are (1) to encourage and promote awareness in the field of Physical Therapy within the college and the community; and (2) to assist the club members in continuing professional growth.

Phi Theta Kappa - Phi Theta Kappa is recognized as the official honor society for community colleges by the American Association of Community Colleges. Eligible students must achieve a minimum GPA of 3.5 and have 12 hours of college credit that can be used toward an associate degree. PTK exists to encourage and support the complementary ideas of scholarship and leadership. Through charitable projects and student activities, PTK allows members to cultivate a positive image for Craven Community College within their own community.

Science Club - The purposes of the Science Club are (1) to promote an interest in the sciences; (2) to experience the sciences above and beyond the classroom setting; (3) to provide career information; and (4) to enhance the involvement of science students within Craven Community College.

SkillsUSA Organization - The purposes of the SkillsUSA Organization are: (1) to assist vocational trade, industrial, technical, and health occupational students in their academic growth and development; (2) to unite students in a common bond without regard to race, sex, religion, creed, or national origin; (3) to develop local SkillsUSA members with leadership abilities through participation in educational, vocational, civic, recreation, and social activities; (4) to foster a deep respect for the dignity of work; (5) to assist students in establishing realistic vocational goals; (6) to promote high standards in all phases of occupational endeavor including trade ethics, workmanship, scholarship, and safety; (7) to plan, organize, and carry out projects through the use of the democratic process; and (8) to foster a wholesome understanding of the functions of labor and management organizations.

Student Government Association (SGA) – The SGA acts as a representative of Craven CC and the N4CSGA, upholds a philosophy of teaching and learning through campus activities, develops continued connections amongst the clubs and organizations of Craven CC and is an active, responsive resource for the student body. The SGA has scholarship opportunities for Executive Board members.

Student Nursing Association - The purposes of the Student Nursing Association shall be the encouragement of scholarship, the development of leadership, the promotion of service, and the cultivation of fellowship among members. Any student enrolled in the Nursing Program may be a member of the club.

Student Veterans of America (SVA) – Student Veterans of America elevates the academic, professional, and personal development of veterans in higher education through chapter programs and services, outcomes and impacts research, and advocacy at every level. With a mission focused on empowering student veterans, SVA is committed to providing an educational experience that goes beyond the classroom.

TRiO SSS Leadership Club- The Leadership Club is an embedded opportunity for those participants already accepted into TRIO SSS. The purpose of the Leadership Club is to improve members’ communication and personal skills, develop leadership and management qualities, increase confidence and motivation, and allow members to engage in volunteer opportunities.