Eligibility is based on the following criteria:

  • Students must complete the minimum number of course credit hours prescribed for their program of study.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 25% of their program credit hours at Craven Community College.
  • Students must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average.  Some limited admission programs may require a higher minimum cumulative grade point average.
  • Students must complete these requirements within three years after the last term they attended Craven if they intend to transfer credits from another institution to graduate from Craven.
  • Students must settle all financial obligations with the College.

Graduation Application

It is the responsibility of the student to complete the application for graduation. Graduation application forms are found online at Student Forms. The student should complete this form with the assistance of his/her professional or academic advisor. Completed forms are submitted to the Student Accounts Office, which forwards the application to the Registrar’s Office. See the Craven CC Graduation Procedures page for more information and graduation application deadlines.

Students may graduate at the end of the term in which they complete degree requirements. The graduation fee is paid to the Student Accounts Office. All graduation fees are non-refundable. Diplomas and certificates are mailed to the student from one to three weeks after the end of the graduation term.

Graduation Participation Procedure

Craven celebrates graduation with one annual ceremony occurring at the end of the spring term. Students must complete all coursework and graduation requirements by summer of the graduation year to participate in the ceremony. A student anticipating a summer graduation must be within three (3) courses of meeting the graduation requirements in the summer term to participate.

Students may purchase caps and gowns in the campus bookstore.