Admissions Classifications

New and Returning Students: Students who have completed all admissions requirements and are enrolled in a Program of Study.

Provisional Students: Students who have not completed all admissions requirements may be admitted and enrolled for one semester with permission of the Director of Admissions and Student Records. Provisional students will be allowed to register for subsequent semesters only upon completion of admissions requirements.

Special Credit/Visiting Students: Students not seeking a degree, diploma, or certificate may be admitted and enrolled as Special Credit/Visiting Students. These students must complete the residency determination interview process, an application for admission, and provide evidence of prerequisite satisfaction through either official or unofficial transcripts.

  • Special Credit Students are students often enrolled for the purpose of gaining special skills or for personal enrichment.  The prerequisite requirements must have been successfully completed at their institution with a grade of C or better.
  • Visiting Students are students enrolled at other institutions. They will be enrolled for the purpose of transferring courses to their current college or university.

A Special Credit/Visiting Student wishing to be reclassified as a Regular Student must complete all admissions requirements as indicated for New and Returning Students.

International Students: Craven Community College is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant students. Separate application materials are available for students wishing to study under an F-1 visa only. All international student admission inquiries should be directed to or to Craven’s International Student Information.

Freshman: A student who has earned fewer than 30 semester hours of credit

Sophomore: A student who has earned more than 30 semester hours of credit

Full-time Student: A student who is registered for 12 or more semester hours of credit

Part-time Student: A student who is registered for fewer than 12 semester hours of credit