Cooperative Innovative High School (Early College) Pathway

College Credits for Craven Early College and Early College EAST Students

Craven Early College High School (CEC) and Early College EAST (Eastern Applied Sciences and Technology) High School are headquartered on the Craven Community College New Bern and Havelock campuses, respectively, and were created out of a strong partnership between Craven County Schools and Craven Community College. Each school’s small size supports innovative ideas, creative teachers, and attention to detail.

The structure of Cooperative Innovative High Schools fosters academic acceleration, personalization, and connections to workplace knowledge and skills. Extensive support is provided to each student and these schools are centered on improving graduation rates and preparing students for life-long learning and entry into high-skill careers.

Students who attend one of these five-year programs will have the opportunity to graduate with a high school diploma and up to two years of college credit toward a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree (at no cost to the student) in any of Craven CC’s university-transfer degrees including, but not limited to, an Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, or Associate in Engineering; or a certificate, diploma, or Associate in Applied Science in one of Craven CC’s career programs. 

  • Craven Early College and Early College EAST enroll new classes of ninth-graders every fall; the application period occurs during the preceding spring. Acceptance is based on a lottery system.
  • Craven Early College and Early College EAST students do not have to pay tuition and are eligible for transportation provided by Craven County Schools.
  • These innovative programs do not follow Craven County Schools’ traditional school calendar.  Both CEC and ECE follow Craven County Schools’ early college calendar, which aligns closely with Craven CC’s academic calendar.