Career Courses

You can learn new job skills or upgrade your current knowledge and ability through Craven’s Workforce Development training programs. We offer a wide variety of courses, whether it is traditional, online, or hybrid. These courses are intended to provide training to upgrade a person’s skills or qualifications or assist in preparing an individual for a new career. These classes can be a single course or a series of courses designed for a specific job area.

A variety of courses are also offered to our military partners at MCAS Cherry Point for the purpose of enhancing and updating individual skills. Additionally, these courses provide military family members an opportunity to acquire new skills, making themselves marketable to the local economy.

Business and Technology

Workforce Development partners with businesses, organizations, and the military to provide customized, high-quality programs, services, and courses. These programs can be tailored by topic to meet training needs by customizing any learning experience to fit any unique requirements.

Craven Community College delivers quality programs and services to satisfy a variety of business and employee needs in the areas of computer, office, personnel, and soft skill training. Courses are designed for adult learners and offer modern methods, skills reinforcement, and active learning. Lively, hands-on, and informative, the courses are guaranteed to solve a variety of workplace challenges.

Environmental Safety Programs

The Environmental Safety Programs support the economic development efforts of the State of North Carolina by providing education and training opportunities for eligible businesses and industries.

These courses are a fundamental overview of the recognition and avoidance of unsafe conditions on the job sites, plant operations, retail stores and food service facilities and will provide the student with a basic understanding of OSHA regulations, enforcement, and compliance for environmental standards. Topics include discussions of the OSHA standards that relate to safety management, hazard recognition, the inspection process, required safety programs, and areas of general industry most often cited. We offer courses that address OSHA regulations regarding employees entering, working, or exiting those workplaces which may present physical or health hazards or contain a hazardous atmosphere. Courses will also teach service and maintenance personnel the basic fundamentals and procedures of the OSHA Lockout/Tagout standard and the importance of energy control and isolation in the safe service and maintenance of equipment.

Human Resources Development (HRD)

The Human Resources Development Employment Readiness Program provides short-term pre-vocational training and counseling for those unemployed, underemployed, laid off, and those looking to make a career change, entering the workforce, or beginning new careers. The content focuses on how to find and keep a job along with career explorations. Our instructors teach students to assess their strengths and weaknesses, develop problem-solving and communication skills, develop a positive self-image, improve academic skills, and understand the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. Students also learn how to successfully market themselves to potential employers.

Health Programs

Craven Community College health care training plays an active role in the continuing education of the citizens of Craven County and surrounding areas desiring to prepare themselves for employment in the ever-evolving healthcare field.

Workforce Development health care programs provide courses for those who need to train, retrain, and update themselves in a health care field or professional area. The Workforce Development programs offered are of the highest quality both in classroom/lab and clinical instruction.

Public Safety Programs

Through the Public Safety program, we deliver training in the areas of Emergency Medical Services, Fire Services, and Law Enforcement. Students are able to obtain certifications that lead to initial employment or advancement. Students in these courses qualify for a tuition waiver based on affiliation with an authorized volunteer, municipal, county, or State organization.

The Emergency Medical Service Program provides certification in CPR, First Aid, Medical Responder, EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), and Paramedic. Continuing Education is available to rescue squads, ambulance services, fire departments, and law enforcement agencies. CPR and EMT recertification classes are also offered. Fee-based classes in this program are available to interested citizens, business, industries, and church groups. Classes are held on campus, online, and throughout the county.

Our quality Fire and Rescue Training includes Fire Fighter I & II Certification Courses, NC Technical Rescuer, Rescue Specialties: Trench, Confined Space, Collapse, Ropes, and Water. We offer various other courses to help firefighters fulfill the requirements and needs of their respective departments (both volunteer and paid). Our skilled instructors ensure safe, innovative, and informative classes.

The Law Enforcement Training Programs are designed to train and upgrade personnel in basic law enforcement, detention officer, 911 Telecommunicators, and firearms. From a pool of state and local instructors, we work to meet the training needs and desires of law enforcement departments within Craven County.