Course Information

Workforce Development offers a wide variety of non-credit courses and programs. Curriculum credit will not be awarded but in most programs continuing education units (CEUs) are awarded. Additionally, many of the courses lead to state or nationally recognized credentials, licensing, or certification. Programs are developed and offered based on the community’s expressed needs in workforce/occupational training, upgrading of work skills, and vocational improvement. Please contact the College if you have a specific request for a course.


Any adult is eligible to attend classes offered on campus or at any of the several adult education classroom areas used by the College.

Any student admitted to class must be at least 18 years of age. A minor 16-17 years of age may be admitted with parental permission required unless married, emancipated, or serving in the military.

Individuals having special high school education needs who do not meet the above requirements may be assisted by special agreement between local public-school officials and the administration of Craven Community College.


The registration fee for Occupational Extension courses ranges from $70.00 to $180.00 depending on the number of class hours. There is no charge for job-related courses for law enforcement, fire fighters, and rescue personnel for those that qualify. The tuition charged for Workforce Development/ Occupational Extension Courses is determined by the North Carolina State Board Code. A charge/fee may be necessary in some courses for class supplies and liability or accident insurance. Workforce Development fees are subject to change for the duration of this catalog. Self-supporting registration fees vary and there are no fee exemptions for self-supporting courses.

Class Locations

Workforce Development classes are offered at the New Bern and Havelock Campuses and the recently established Volt Center, located at 205 First Street in New Bern. Classes can be held at locations away from the Craven Community College campuses where suitable locations can be arranged and student interest justifies the classes. Classes have been held in schools, community centers, and businesses. Classes are also offered through distance education platforms.


Students are expected to attend class regularly.  Attendance records are maintained by class instructors. Students must usually attend a minimum of 80% of class hours in Occupational/Workforce Courses in order to receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Some Occupational/Workforce courses require 100% student attendance in order to receive CEUs. Regular attendance helps maintain continuity in classroom work, justifies the existence of the class, and assures the student of accomplishment.


Workforce Development classes are announced by published schedules and web pages during the year. In addition, Workforce Development classes are scheduled when a need for the class is established, space exists to teach the class, and an instructor is available. Tailored training courses can be scheduled by request. The programs do not begin and conclude on a semester schedule as curriculum programs do. Classes in most subjects can be arranged upon request in most cases; however, the College reserves the right to postpone or cancel classes due to insufficient enrollment.

Refund Policy

Students in Occupational Extension classes may request a registration fee refund by filling out an official withdrawal/refund request form in the Workforce Development office at the New Bern Campus or Havelock Campus offices.

The student will be eligible for a 100% tuition refund if he/she officially withdraws from the class(es) prior to the first class meeting.

The student will be eligible for a 100% tuition refund if an applicable class is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment without completing the request form.

The student will be eligible for a 75% tuition refund if the student officially withdraws from a class that has begun if the official withdrawal from the class is prior to or on the 10% point of the scheduled hours of the class.

The student will be eligible for a 75% tuition refund if the student officially withdraws from a contact hour class prior to or on the 10th day from the first class meeting.

All registration fee(s) for the course may be refunded to the estate of the deceased if the student, having paid the required registration fee for a course, dies during that course (prior to or on the last scheduled class day). Additional provisions of the refund policy, including those regarding self-support classes and student fees, are available upon request.


Completion certificates are awarded to students meeting requirements for most Workforce Development classes and programs.

Continuing Education Unit (CEU)

The Continuing Education Unit (CEU) was designed to recognize and record individual and institutional participation in nontraditional studies and special activities. The CEU meets the need in Workforce Development education for uniformity in the planning of educational experience for technical and professional people who seek to improve their competency and skill levels through staff development type training.

Craven Community College has adopted the CEU as a system for record keeping and quality control in programs of educational activities in Workforce Development.

Official Withdrawal from a WFD/CE Course

To withdraw from a WFD/CE course, a student must complete the WFD/CE withdrawal form.

The coordinator of the course you are taking has access to the form.  The student will have to discuss withdrawing with the coordinator. If the student is attending the WFD/CE course on a scholarship, it may impact you financially so be sure to speak with the coordinator of the course.  Additionally, withdrawing may impact future scholarship offerings.

If you are a student using VA benefits, there may be penalties and you will need to let the campus VA Representative know that you have dropped the course.