Disciplines & Department Codes

Discipline Dept. Code   Discipline Dept. Code
Academic Related ACA   Geography GEO
Accounting ACC   German GER
Aerospace/Flight Training   AER   Health HEA
Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrig AHR    History HIS
Anthropology ANT   Health Information Technology HIT
Art ART   Health Sciences  HSC
Astronomy AST   Humanities HUM
Automation and Robotics ATR   Hydraulics and Pneumatics HYD
Automotive Technologies ATT   Industrial Science ISC
Automotive AUT   Italian ITA
Aviation Maintenance AVI   Machining MAC
Banking and Finance BAF   Maintenance MNT
Biology BIO   Mathematics MAT
Blueprint Reading BPR   Mechanical MEC
Business BUS   Medical Assisting MED
Business Analytics BAS   Marketing and Retailing MKT
Chemistry CHM   Music MUS
Information Systems CIS   Networking Technology NET
Criminal Justice CJC   Networking Operating System NOS
Communication COM   Nursing NUR
Cosmetology COS   Operations Management OMT
Computer Science CSC   Office Systems Technology OST
Computer Technology Integration CTI   Physical Education PED
Computer Information Technology  CTS   Philosophy PHI
Database Management Technology DBA   Physics PHY
Developmental Mathematics DMA   Plastics PLA
Developmental Mathematics Shells DMS   Political Science POL
Developmental Reading/English DRE   Psychology PSY
Drafting DFT   Physical Therapist Assistant PTA
Drama/Theatre DRA   Religion REL
Economics ECO   Information Systems Security SEC
Education EDU   Sociology SOC
Engineering EGR   Spanish SPA
Electricity ELC   Sustainability SST 
Electronics ELN   Transportation Technology TRN
English ENG   Work-based Learning WBL
Entrepreneurship ETR   Web Technologies WEB
French FRE   Welding WLD
Geology GEL