Work-Based Learning

Work-based Learning allows students to gain academic credit through work experience related to the program of study. This plan integrates classroom study with employment and is based on the principle that learning does not confine itself to academic achievement but is equally dependent upon practical experience. The student enrolled in the Work-based Learning Program takes a prescribed program of study for an associate degree program. In lieu of elective courses, the student may participate in a supervised work experience. The work experience is planned, progressive, and closely related to the curriculum and career interest of the student. Evaluation of job performance is made jointly by the employer, the student, and the College instructor. The student’s letter grade is based on this evaluation. Work-based Learning is limited to particular programs of study (see Programs of Study). Students must have completed 9 semester hours (6 in the core curriculum), and maintain a Grade Point Average of 2.5. Students should see an advisor for more information about this opportunity.