College Fees

Computer Use and Technology, per semester $48.00
Student Activity – Fall and Spring $35.00
Student Activity - Summer $17.50
Distance Learning Fee (Hybrid or Online) $25.00
Transcript Fee (each) $10.00
Returned Check, per check $20.00
Summer supply fee, per course $10.00
Campus Access, Parking, & Security, per semester $15.00
Curriculum Student Accident Insurance, per semester $1.20
WFD Student Accident Insurance, per semester $0.60
Placement Retesting Fee $3.00
Placement Test Fee for non-students $5.00
Graduation Fee $15.00
Cap, Gown, and Tassel $30.00
Associate Degree Hood $30.00
Additional Diploma Covers (each) $15.00
Library Fines:
Per day for overdue books $0.10
Per day for overdue DVD $1.00
Per day for overdue Oculus Quest   
Virtual reality headsets $5.00
Per page for personal printing (students) $0.15
Per page for student-related content printing (first 10 pages free) pages $0.15
Per page for photocopies $0.15
3D Printing for first hour $3.00
3D Printing after first hour up to 8 hours $1.00
Replacement library card $1.00
Test proctoring (non-students) $25.00
Limited Admission Programs:
Nursing Admissions Testing $75.00
Professional Liability Insurance (Curriculum & WFD) – annual fee $16.00
Nursing Badge Replacement $15.00
Nursing Lab fee varies by cohort