Refund Policies

  1. A refund shall not be made except under the following circumstances:
    1. A 100% refund shall be made if the student officially withdraws prior to the first day of classes of the academic semester or term as noted in the College calendar. Also, a student is eligible for a 100% refund if the class in which the student is officially registered is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment.
    2. A 75% refund shall be made if the student officially withdraws from the class prior to or on the official 10% point of the term.
    3. For classes beginning at times other than the first week (seven calendar days) of the semester, a 100% refund shall be made if the student officially withdraws from the class prior to the first class. A 75% refund shall be made if the student officially withdraws from the class prior to or on the 10% point of the class.
    4. A 100% refund shall be made if the student officially withdraws from a contact hour class prior to the first day of class of the academic semester or term or if the college cancels the class. A 75% refund shall be made if the student officially withdraws from a contact hour class on or before the tenth calendar day of the class.
  2. To comply with applicable federal regulations regarding refunds, federal regulation will supersede the state refund regulations stated in this rule.
  3. Where a student, having paid the required tuition for a semester, dies during that term (prior to or on the last day of examinations of the College the student was attending), all tuition and fees for that semester may be refunded to the estate of the deceased.
  4. For a class which the College collects receipts that are not required to be deposited into the State Treasury account, the College shall adopt local refund policies.

Tuition Refund and Appeal Procedure

To be eligible for a refund, you must do one of the following on or before the published last day to drop for tuition refund each semester/session:

  • Drop the class(es) through the web
  • Execute an official drop form which must be processed by the Enrollment Services/Records Office, or
  • Provide written permission to a representative who acts for you.

Tuition refund appeals are accepted by the Associate Vice President for Students by e-forms and are reviewed by the appeals committee. Appeals that do not represent a sound basis for reimbursement will be denied. Notification of approval/denial of appeals normally occurs by mail within two to three weeks. Craven Community College will promptly refund tuition and/or cancel a financial charge from a student’s account provided the student meets the requirements outlined below.

  • Level I Determination: Initial determination of tuition appeal is made by committee members which include staff and faculty. Students may submit an appeal by e-form to the Associate Vice President for Students.
  • Level II Determination: Level I must be denied in order to request a Level II intermediate review. A Level II intermediate appeal may be initiated by a student in writing and is reviewed by the Associate Vice President for Students. The Associate Vice President for Students will respond to an intermediate appeal within 10 working days. The decision made at the intermediate level is final.

Submitting an Appeal

Refund appeals will not be considered unless the student has officially withdrawn from the class(es) and was making satisfactory progress in the class(es) at the time of withdrawal. Students who are receiving financial aid should check with the Financial Aid Office prior to withdrawal to determine what, if any, effect this action may have on future financial aid eligibility. If a student has a grade other than a “W”, the student must first contact the instructor and/or the academic dean to determine whether or not the student is eligible to have the grade in question changed to a “W”. If the change is granted, it must be submitted to the Student Services/Records Office, and processed by that office. All tuition appeals must be submitted with supporting documentation using e-forms to the Associate Vice President for Students within three years from the beginning of the semester for which the charge was incurred.

Tuition appeals will generally be approved for the following reasons as long as the appropriate written supporting documentation is provided:

  • Extended incapacitation/hospitalization of the student (which caused the student to miss 20% or more of scheduled instruction) documented by a physician’s statement on the doctor’s official letterhead (copies of the student’s medical records will not be accepted).  This must be an unscheduled medical emergency diagnosed after the last day to drop for tuition refund.  The physician’s letter (on letterhead) must include the date the student was first seen for the medical condition, as well as the beginning and ending date the student was incapacitated/hospitalized and must state that the student was physically unable to attend classes during this period of time.  A letter that does not specifically state, “the student was physically unable to attend classes” will not be grounds to approve an appeal. Pre-existing conditions are not justifiable.
  • Extended incapacitation/hospitalization or death of a student’s immediate family member (which caused the student to miss 20% or more of the scheduled instruction) – verified with appropriate documentation. Immediate family is defined as: father, mother, spouse, child, sibling, stepfather, stepmother, stepchild, stepbrother, stepsister, or legal guardian
  • Involuntary changes in military orders that result in the active-duty member moving outside the Craven County area; either documented by the Commanding Officer or the student must provide valid and properly endorsed orders (includes dependent(s) enrolled at Craven Community College). Orders must be Permanent Change of Duty Orders. Short-term orders (for more than 20% of the class sessions) associated with a National Emergency may qualify.
  • Error in academic advising by Craven CC Personnel resulting in inappropriate course enrollment. Requests must be initiated through the Craven CC office where student was advised.
  • Late notifications of denial to a specific degree program-with supporting documents.
  • Institutional errors by Craven CC that cause the delay of administrative processes relative to registration or the delivery of financial aid funds.
  • Administrative difficulties with internships, placements, or practicums involving the single enrollment of a student – with supporting material from placement official.
  • Technological difficulties that can be substantiated by reliable evidence.

Tuition appeals will not be approved in the following instances:

  • Personal errors in judgement or irresponsibility involving transportation, availability of finances, academic ability, time management, etc.
  • Misinterpretation or lack of knowledge of college policies and procedures as published in the Craven CC Catalog, Craven CC Student Handbook, or Craven CC Schedule of Classes.
  • Dissatisfaction with course content; issues concerning academic instruction must be addressed with the appropriate Academic Dean.
  • Dissatisfaction with academic progress in course(s).
  • Non-attendance or minimal attendance of class.
  • Inadequate investigation of course requirements prior to registration and attendance.
  • Non-qualification, late application, or loss of eligibility for financial aid or scholarship.
  • Non-receipt of mail due to obsolete address on file with the Enrollment Services/Records Office.
  • Notification of change in domicile status after the refund period.
  • Changes of, or personal conflicts with, the instructor of record.
  • Student error resulting in the delay of administrative processes relative to registration or the delivery of financial aid funds.
  • Voluntary/involuntary acceptance of employment or other activity impacting ability to attend class. (i.e., work schedule/hours changed; lack of child care; vacation).
  • Incarceration in a civilian or military facility.
  • Other reasons not already specified

Refund policies are determined by the NCCCS, and dates are published in the course schedules each semester and on the college website.

For additional information about refunds, contact the Student Accounts Office staff at 252-638-7268.

Financial Aid Refund Policy

Title IV Federal Financial Aid students who withdraw or stop attending the college during the first 60% of the semester will have their financial aid recalculated according to the Higher Education Amendments of 1998, 34 CFR part 668.22. Some grant recipients may owe repayment to both the institution and the Federal government as the result of this recalculation.

Students who receive financial aid from any of the following sources: Federal Programs (Title IV)-Pell Grant, Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (SEOG), and State Grants may be responsible for repaying a portion of their aid if they drop or stop attending classes during the refund period.

Withdrawal from classes may also affect eligibility for financial aid for the following semester or academic year. Students will be notified if monies are due the College.