College Attendance Policy

Craven Community College has adopted a mandatory attendance policy. Faculty must document all attendance prior to the census date (10% point) and for the duration of each course. Attendance must be completed by the date listed on the academic calendar (just after the 10% date for each term). If students stop attending after the 10% and receive a grade of an “F,” the last date of attendance is required. After the census date, instructors will continue to observe the College Attendance Policy. Instructors cannot assign Never Attended (NA) at the end of the semester. The instructor’s attendance policy must be stated in the class syllabus. The College attendance policy is as follows:

“Students are expected to be in class on time and are expected to attend all classes, laboratory periods, and shop sessions. A student WILL be automatically withdrawn from any course when absent more than 20 % of the total class, laboratory, clinical or shop periods. Any three tardy notices in a given class may constitute one class absence. A tardy may also be assessed when a student leaves class early.”

Absences in online/hybrid courses WILL be managed in the following manner:

  • Faculty must ensure all online courses require activity each week for the duration of the semester.
  • For any week in which a student fails to be active in a course, that week will constitute “one absence.”
  • As is the case with seated classes, students WILL be automatically withdrawn from any course when absent more than 20% of the total class time.  Students who miss more than 20% of the class after the last date to withdraw will receive a failing grade for the class.
  • Regardless of whether the course is being delivered in a seated format or online, instructors will provide specific course requirements in their syllabi.
  • Missing class for military assignment or for college-related activities will not constitute an absence when the instructor has received prior official notification such as a letter from the commanding officer in military matters or from approved college personnel for college-related activities.
  • Missing a maximum of two absences per academic year for religious observances will not constitute an absence when the instructor has received written notification from the student at least fourteen (14) working days prior to the date the student intends to be absent for the religious observance. Students shall be given the opportunity to make up any tests or other work missed due to the excused absence for religious observation. Responsibility for initiating such notifications rests with the student.
  • Any student facing a lengthy illness may apply for extended absences through the ADA Coordinator in Academic Support Services. All ADA standards must be met for this exception to be granted. Students who cannot adhere to the attendance policy must officially withdraw from class(es) to avoid a possible failing grade(s). (See Withdrawal Procedures.) Refer to the Academic Calendar in Panther Portal or your course handout for the specific withdrawal deadline. For extenuating circumstances, refer to the paragraph "Grade: I" in the Academic Regulations section of the catalog.
  • Instructors must issue automatic withdrawals by the official withdrawal date for the term. After this date, students will receive a grade for the courses.