Good Academic Standing

A student who maintains a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or above is considered to be in good academic standing with the College. Some programs or curricula within the College have different, specific, or higher academic requirements which shall supersede general statements made in the General Catalog or other college publications. Each student shall be responsible for knowing and understanding the specific rules, regulations, and standards which apply to the program or curriculum in which he or she is enrolled.

Students whose averages fall below 2.0 will be notified. Students not maintaining good academic standing will be encouraged to consider a different program of study, developmental studies, lighter course load/work schedule, extra study in the Academic Support Center, or the assistance of a tutor. During the next enrolled semester, the student should show significant progress towards satisfying graduation requirements.

Failure to maintain good academic standing may negatively impact a student’s ability to receive financial aid.