Student Rights and Responsibilities

The policies and procedures related to students are developed and enforced to ensure that all students have a positive educational experience while attending the College and that the College operates in a manner that fulfills its mission. Consistent with its educational mission, the College desires to promote student understanding of the balance between individual privileges and college responsibilities, as well as to provide everyone in the college community a safe environment, conducive to student learning and success. Students are expected to familiarize themselves with and be accountable for information contained in all college publications (catalog, student handbooks, information provided through student email, course schedules, syllabi, etc.) relating to student responsibilities.

In general, all students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that promotes and supports both students’ educational endeavors and objectives of the College.

These policies and procedures address a number of student-related issues:

  • Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Acceptable Use of College Technology
  • Student Disability Appeal Process Procedure
  • Drug and Alcohol Use
  • Sexual and other Prohibited Harassment
  • Appeal Procedures
  • Code of Conduct Policy
  • Academic Honesty Procedure
  • Tobacco Prohibition Policy
  • Student Disciplinary Procedure
  • Student Governance
  • Student Publications
  • Student Grievance Procedure

Students should view these and other student policies and procedures in their entirety on the Craven CC website.