Grade Appeal

The purpose of the Student Final Grade Appeal Process is to provide a student with a mechanism to appeal a disputed final grade, while respecting the academic authority of the instructor. This process recognizes the following:

  • Every student has a right to receive a final grade based upon a fair and unprejudiced evaluation determined by a method that is applied consistently and is neither arbitrary nor capricious; and,
  • Instructors have the right to assign a final grade based on any method that is professionally acceptable, submitted in writing to all students, and applied equally.

The following procedure will enable a student to exercise this right:

  1. Any appeal of a final grade should be initiated within two weeks of the start of the following term by the student conferring with the instructor to determine that there has been no mistake and to present his or her case.
  2. If the case is not resolved by the instructor, the instructor will suggest that the student complete a “Student Grade Appeal” form which should be signed and dated by the instructor and submitted by the student to the department chair/dean who will hear his or her appeal. The submitted “Student Grade Appeal” form should have the course syllabus and any relevant coursework attached. This should be completed within two weeks from the date of the grade appeal meeting with the instructor.
  3. If the case cannot be resolved at the department level, the student should submit to the supervising dean a copy of the “Student Grade Appeal” with appropriate signatures and dates and request an appointment. This should be completed within two weeks from the date of the grade appeal meeting with the department chair/program director.
  4. If the issue is unresolved, the student may submit within two weeks a copy of the “Student Grade Appeal” which includes the dean’s signature to the Chief Academic Officer (CAO). The CAO may, at their discretion, create a committee of three individuals to hear the student’s appeal. The committee should consist of a member of the Student Government Association, a faculty member from the same department as the appealed instructor, if possible (but excluding the department chair and appealed instructor), and a third member of the CAO’s choice.
  5. The committee will make a recommendation to the CAO. The CAO will confer with the instructor for final determination. The student should be notified of the decision in writing within two weeks of the request. This decision is final.

Timeliness – Processing at each step cannot exceed two weeks; however, the time may be extended by agreement of both parties or by extenuating circumstances as decided by the administrator to whom the grievance is presented. If the administrator at each step does not meet processing time limitations, the student may then request higher administrative assistance in obtaining requested relief.