Examination and Transfer Credit

Credit by Transfer

The college will complete an evaluation of transfer credits that may have been earned from another college or university or through advanced placement or other examinations. Transfer students must complete 25% of their coursework at Craven Community College to be eligible for graduation. Any credit earned with a grade of “C” or higher at an accredited institution will be accepted at Craven Community College, provided it is appropriate to the student’s program and a comparable course is offered. The catalog and/or course descriptions from other institutions attended may be required for evaluation before credit is granted. Coursework over fifteen years old may not be accepted. Evaluation of such credits will be made on an individual basis.

Credit for Prior Learning

Students can receive credit for prior learning experiences at Craven Community College as outlined in College Procedure 4.16.1. Students seeking credit for prior learning should make the request through the college’s Registrar’s Office.